Meet the founder of Hope Fashion Line Trishana Cole. She is a loving mother and wife. 

Working through the hardships from last year, as a frontline worker in the hospital. Trishana decided to launch HOPE FASHION LINE her own business in clothes, so that women can wear and feel comfortable. She knows that during these times it's hard to go outside and shop for high quality clothes and more. Trishana wanted people to be able to buy clothes that were good materials and had amazing quality. She is a dedicated professional at her job and will be the same with her company. She has always dreamt of owning her own business. So, with great determination, she decided to start this new venture in her life. She knows this is exactly what she should be doing with her life. 

Furthermore, Trishana maintains a standard of high quality and excellence in all her products, so costumers will be getting the best in whatever they order.

With Lots of Love, Thank You!